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Biltong Fuzz Powder 1/2 lb (grated)
***CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK*** Biltong Fuzz also known as Biltong Dust! Use it on a sandwhich o..
All Gold Melon & Ginger Jam 450g
  All Gold only uses mouth watering ripe melons along with a hint of ..
Bakers Boudoir 200g
  ***CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK*** Light, crisp finger biscuits. Bakers Boudoir Bisc..
Bakers Choc-Kits 200g
***CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK*** Creamy choc-filled oats and coconut biscuits Bakers Choc-Kit..
Cadbury Slab Bournville Mint 80g
***CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK*** Cadbury Slab Bournville Mint 80g -  The original dark c..
Iwisa Maize Meal 1kg
  The number 1 super maize meal.  Cornmeal is a staple food in much of Africa. ..
Knorr Brown Onion Soup
***CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK***   45g. Brown Onion Soup Powder. ‚ÄčKnorr Brown Onion Soup..
Maltabella 1kg
***CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK*** Brings home the good rich flavour of malted grain and sorghum; s..
Massam's Almond & Cherry Nougat 25g
Massam's Almond & Cherry Nougat 25g ..
Mrs Ball's Chilli Chutney 470g
Mrs Ball's Chilli Chutney 470g The number one chutney with a real bite.   CHILL..
ProNutro Banana 500g
  A soy and corn based, wheat free cereal for the whole family. Good source of quality p..
ProNutro Chocolate 500g
  Tasty cereal made from soy and maize, and is wheat free. Chocolate flavour. A soy ..
Safari Apricot Fruit Roll 80g
80 gram dried apricot fruit roll. Safari Apricot Fruit Roll 80g ..
South African Flag License Plate
South African Flag License Plate  ..