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Biltong Fuzz Powder 1/2 lb (grated)
***CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK*** Biltong Fuzz also known as Biltong Dust! Use it on a sandwhich o..
All Gold Melon & Ginger Jam 450g
  All Gold only uses mouth watering ripe melons along with a hint of ..
Bakers Boudoir 200g
  ***CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK*** Light, crisp finger biscuits. Bakers Boudoir Bisc..
Bakers Choc-Kits 200g
  Creamy choc-filled oats and coconut biscuits Bakers Choc-Kits 200g  ..
Cadbury Slab Bournville Mint 80g
***CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK*** Cadbury Slab Bournville Mint 80g -  The original dark c..
Iwisa Maize Meal 1kg
  The number 1 super maize meal.  Cornmeal is a staple food in much of Africa. ..
Knorr Brown Onion Soup
***CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK***   45g. Brown Onion Soup Powder. ‚ÄčKnorr Brown Onion Soup..
Maltabella 1kg
  Brings home the good rich flavour of malted grain and sorghum; smooth and filling. Con..
Massam's Almond & Cherry Nougat 25g
Massam's Almond & Cherry Nougat 25g ..
Mrs Ball's Chilli Chutney 470g
Mrs Ball's Chilli Chutney 470g The number one chutney with a real bite.   CHILL..
ProNutro Banana 500g
ProNutro Banana 500g   A soy and corn based, wheat free cereal for the whole family...
ProNutro Chocolate 500g
  Tasty cereal made from soy and maize, and is wheat free. Chocolate flavour. A soy ..
Safari Apricot Fruit Roll 80g
   80 gram dried apricot fruit roll. Safari Apricot Fruit Roll 80g ..
South African Flag License Plate
South African Flag License Plate  ..